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Tips for Start-up Companies: Helm’s 1st Birthday!

You’ll be pleased to know that Helm’s 1st birthday party was a great success! This was due to the generous contributions of Helm’s partner companies and friends, and all the great people and businesses that helped us celebrate – without you it would have been a bit flat.

So here’s to you all. A huge thank you from everyone at Helm!

Now we don’t like to single people out, but…

I’m sure you’ll all agree that the cookies from Dreambakes were amazing, the two talks by James Ashford were incredibly inspiring, and the buffet from The Real Junk Food Project was incredible. Special thanks to you all!

Tips for Start-up Companies

You’re probably wondering how we can talk about Helm’s 1st birthday AND start-up tips all in one post?

Well, because we’re a savvy lot here at Helm, we thought we’d use our party to get some business advice from those in the know. We asked our party goers one simple question:

What advice would you give to a start-up business?

Here’s what they said:

“Don’t be afraid of rejection, take risks, think big and always keep the customer at the heart of what you do.” – Jenny Mayes (Ryan Direct Group)

“Decide who your target market is, research the competition, see where the gaps are and ask how you can fill them.” – Carol Shekle (Dreambakes)

“Put the effort in now!”  – Phil Herrington (Holistic IT)

“Gather as big a client base as possible.”  – Harry Pearson (ANEW Solutions)

“Be consistent on social media and treat your website as the best marketing tool you’ll ever need.” – Erik Hudson (Pyro Fire)

“There’s never a good time. Just do it!” – Anthony Temparton (KAT Communications)

“Be ready for your dream client from day one.” – Sir John Hayes (Reach Data)

“Offer free advice to as many people as possible.” – Leigh Overton (IFitness24)

“You are your business. The way you present yourself, your attitude, and the way you treat others is how your business is portrayed.” – Anonymous

“Sign up to Freeagent. It makes doing accounts stress free.” – Craig Richardson (Combine Studio)

“Keep working at your business, when you find an issue make it a challenge to overcome it.” – Annette Powell (Zenza)

What’s our advice? Be humble. Be smart. Rule the world.

If you liked that advice and want to get your hands on some more, keep track of the Helm Facebook page as we’re going to release a special ebook for entrepreneurs soon – featuring advice by startups for startups – because who better to help than someone a little further on their journey than you. You can also let us know you’re interested in a copy by sending an email to

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