Three new year’s resolutions worth following

There are two types of people in the world. There are those who approach January with a newfound vitality and vigour, a lust for life that says last year is done with and a fresh 365 days lay ahead, filled to the rafters with acres of hope and expectation. Then there are those who are, well, just a bit knackered to be honest. Christmas parties and festive markets and work dos and family get-togethers have left you dark under the eyes and empty of wallet.

Whichever field you fall into – maybe literally after a festive beer or three – one thing we all have in common going into a new year is the chance to iron out some creases and up our game. The usual New Year’s resolutions aren’t for us; it’s January, it’s cold, we’re all tired and probably a bit skint – a vice or two is the only thing that can get us through. But business resolutions? Now those we can get on board with. Here are four to get you started.


Men might get stick for their inability to multi-task but focusing on one job at a time is actually more underrated than you think. When your post-Christmas to-do list is as long as your arm, it’s tempting to attack it manically, flitting from one task to the next, replying to the odd email as you go, all with the aim of ticking off as much as possible. In 2019, streamline your approach and see things through, completing one task before you even think about another.


Diets are for dummies, especially when you’ve got four tubs of Heroes left and enough selection boxes and festive booze to sink a ship. While replacing the January diet with a digital detox won’t do wonders for your waistline, it’ll leave you with more time on your hands to not just unwrap the chocolate, but to get more work done too. Set aside a day a week or two half-days to go cold turkey on social media and watch your productivity soar.


If you’re going to smash your business goals in 2019, it’s time to think about number one. No, not you – we’re talking about your business. Your hustle, the gig that gets you out of bed in a morning and lights the fire of ambition in your belly. Feeling fired up and ready to take on the world next year? Use that absolute focus to remove any distractions and force yourself to work like a Trojan on the task in hand. Lock yourself away in your home office if that’s what it takes to get an hour of sheer hard work beneath your belt without distractions from the kids or, even better, come and join us at Helm on GSD Mondays for two glorious hours of getting sh*t done on your own terms. You’ll be amazed how much being more selfish – the opposite to what a lot of us resolve to be – can work out way better for everyone around you in the long run!

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