Stop living for the weekend. Here’s how.

To quote Gary Vaynerchuck ‘If you live for weekends and vacations, your shit is broken’. If the words ‘Is it Friday yet?’ come out of your mouth more often than Yorkshire Tea goes in it and the Sunday dread has started seeping into the working week, it’s time to rethink your focus. From reconsidering your career to not saving things for best, here’s how to stop living for the weekend. Because life’s too short to wait for Saturday and Sunday.

Don’t write a day off before it’s even begun

If your final thought before going to sleep is that you’d rather sit through a Jonas Brothers concert than go to work tomorrow, you’re hardly setting yourself up for a good day. Without getting all ‘positive vibezzz hun’ on you, looking forward to tomorrow instead of dreading it will totally change your mind-set.

Don’t save stuff for best

Ever noticed that the stuff you save for best is the same stuff you like the most? From the fancy coffee and bakery croissants you save for Saturday mornings to the good wine you only drink with a Sunday roast, use the good stuff to bring joy to every day.

Go out on a school night

Ooft, controversial! We’re not saying go out and get wasted in the week but you’re a grown adult, you (probably) know your limit and nothing makes midweek more appealing than looking forward to a couple of beers after work. Now, the tequilas, they definitely should be saved for Saturday. No good ever came from tequilas on a Tuesday.

Be grateful for the little things

Fair enough, the most exciting bits in life happen on weekends and holidays for the most part but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth celebrating in the everyday. Practice gratitude daily, writing down three things you’re grateful for every morning when you wake up. It’ll set you up for a more positive day.

Reclaim your lunch hour

One of the easiest ways to make more of your weekday is to reclaim your lunch hour. Go for a walk, watch an episode of your favourite show, read a book in the sun, treat yourself to lunch at that swanky restaurant up the road. You do you, boo.

Reassess what you need to earn

If you’re tired of living for the weekend, could you work less instead? We have a habit of living to work rather than working to live, but many of us could afford to work less hours if we were willing to cut back on some of the luxuries. If you’re happy to sacrifice things like Sky TV and heavy weekends out to allow you to cut back on your hours, what’s stopping you?

Start the week well

Instead of dreading Monday, grab it by the balls. GSD Mondays at Helm are designed to help you start the week with one hell of a bang. Join us and you’ll soon be counting down to Monday morning instead of dreading it.

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