Real talk advice for a side project generation

We’re the multi-hyphen generation for whom one job just isn’t quite enough anymore. We’re diversifying our income streams, turning our passions into projects and working hard enough to melt the ‘millennial snowflake’ tag we’ve been lumbered with. Sure we’re knackered, but we’ve never been more fired up. At Helm, we’re a community of entrepreneurs and business owners who are always on the lookout for our next project.

Here’s some advice if you’re about to do the same.

1. A side project should speak to your soul. Sounds hippy AF but if you’re coming home from work and starting all over again, you need a passion that makes putting the hours in worthwhile.

2. Second to that, if your side hustle is stressing you out or bringing you down, rethink it. We’re going for more passion that pressure here remember.

3. Decide how you’ll spend your minutes. We bloody love Netflix but even the latest season of You (no spoilers please) just doesn’t quite compare to seeing a business grow when you’ve put in the hours. There are 1,440 minutes in a day; what you do with that time is what makes you different.

4. Get an accountability partner. Working on a side project can be a lonely old game and having someone to vent and pitch ideas to will save your sanity.

5. Have a goal in mind, even if there isn’t one. Are you growing your side project to support you enough that you can quit your job? Do you want to hit a set amount of extra income each month? Can you see yourself growing the project to become your sole business? Decide where you’re headed.

6. Don’t resent your day job. The beauty of working 9 to 5pm is that it leaves a whole load of time before and after to do your own thing. Switch up how you think and watch your attitude change.

7. Think labour of love, not laborious.

8. Find a community of people doing the same as you and love them hard. We’re biased but we reckon the Helm crowd are a good bunch. You should probably come and meet them…

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