It’s our aim to help as many people as possible realise their passion and love what they do. Our mentors help people to start and grow their business.

We also regularly work on our own ideas and start-ups – these will help to build a foundation to open up opportunities for young entrepreneurs through funding and support. Be a part of something extraordinary.

For Social Good

This is the idea, this is the dream, this is the vision of Helm. It’s why we created the space and why we choose to be around extraordinary people. We are looking for members with the same drive and belief that this is the way to do it. To create our own projects, monetise them and reinvest this into more projects that are fun, collaborative and make a difference.


Your Mentors

Sam Martin, 29, Apothecary 87
The CEO of Apothecary 87, Volstead and A87 Studios – Sam has done what many dream of doing. From creating a near £1million turnover male grooming brand (in 3 years from nothing) to reinvesting his success into further brands and having unbelievable fun while doing so. Read Sam’s story here.

Sam is looking to help any entrepreneur with a desire. You can find out more about Sam on his Personal Brand Facebook Page or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Liam Swift, 29, Attract / Helm
Creative Director of Attract, multi-awarding branding designer and founder of Helm. A huge believer in the law of attraction. An entrepreneurial eye lead him to meet Sam and take a risk not many creatives would take, Apothecary 87 was born and he still finds it incredibly exciting watching the brand grow.

Connect with Liam on LinkedIn to talk more about what you’re trying to achieve.

Mentor Opportunities

We’re looking to help those who;

– Are looking to start their first business.
– Would love to grow their business.
– Want to meet up with like-minded people.
– Need that little extra push and accountability.

From one-off meetings to full mentor programmes. These are limited so we would love to hear how we could help you? Think big, pitch your idea, send us something or book a date to show us a presentation. We’re here, make your move.

Harbouring the Extraordinary Life Movement