Introducing the Helm Academy

The chemistry that’s created when elements collide is magic…we want to share that magic with you and help you discover your own.

Enter the ‘HELM Academy’.

Those elements we mentioned? Well, there will be three actually, a collaboration of three communities with collaboration at their heart.

Attract – Make them feel on top of the world
HELM – Harbouring Extraordinary Life Movement
#BeMoreLnD – ‘Juicing the Orange’ and unleashing the potential within

We like to think that the HELM Academy will be different. We’ve listened to the stories of the HELM family and come to the conclusion that almost every individual success combines happy accident and personal endeavor, an atomic reaction that changes our course.

The Helm Academy will see us shrug on our lab jackets and provide some deliberate support in making this magic happen. We could all have used a little extra support along the way to our own successes, so what better way to share in them now? We’re not talking help on finances or building websites, but an opportunity to get down to the nitty gritty on things like finding your unique potential, building your personal brand and exposing the power of collaboration.

In fact, we came up with six areas for which focused, accountable, invested action could create something incredible with a little help from great business brains and a community that’s got your back:

Developing your hammer – Finding your PURPOSE
Personal Branding – owning your UNIQUENESS
The Law of Attraction/Action – Getting paid for being YOU
Confidence in you – Leadership of YOU
Catching Clients – Contribution and CONNECTION
Learning Quicker – the power of COLLABORATION

The HELM Academy isn’t about us delivering content. It’s about sharing an experience that sees phenomenal business people support the development of others to create something amazing.

On 24 July 2019, we’ll be bringing the HELM Academy to our co-working space in Doncaster. We’re pretty scenic in our Woodfield Park home and we’ll be hosting our HELM Academy crowd in these sweet surrounds each month from July to December 2019.

Join us. Let’s make magic.

Helm Free Fridays

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