Inside the Co-working Trend

The corporate world is endlessly flooded with ‘buzz words’ that come and go like hit pop songs. But every so often, a trend crops up that takes the sphere by storm. ‘Co-working’ definitively falls into the latter category. Over the past few years the concept has swept the globe, with everyone from blue chip Fortune 500 companies to independent SMEs getting in on the action. In fact, Forbes recently reported that co-working spaces have increased by a colossal 400% over the past two years. Why? Put simply, they plate up what entrepreneurs crave – community, collaboration and creativity.

But what exactly is co-working and what makes it so damn popular? Read on for our guide to the craze, and how it could transform the way you experience the working world.

Good vibrations

By and large, one of the key benefits of co-working spaces is the abundance of good vibrations. Rather than be cooped up in an office (of the corporate or home variety) all day, co-working spaces are steeped in sociality. Employees who enjoy independent work schedules often struggle with isolation. Community oriented co-working spaces offer a built-in support system that works wonders for productivity and mood. Plus, there’s an abundance of creativity and inspiration to boot.

Live a happier, healthier life

Want to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life? Working from home could be your new secret weapon. A recent study from Staples revealed the paramount benefits of the trend, with researchers concluding that home workers experienced 25% less stress than their office based counterparts. Not to mention the ability to maintain a better work/life balance, as well as sustain a healthier diet.

Keep productivity in check

Working from home offers an array of benefits, however it can also be a killjoy when it comes to productivity. Plain and simple, it can be difficult for home workers to maintain boundaries between work and play. This is where co-working is a godsend. Collaborative workspaces offer home workers a clear cut way to define working hours, and maintain maximum productivity when they’re in the groove.

Expand personal and business networks

Office politics can be drearily dull. On the contrary, collaborative work spaces are brimming with fresh ideas, exciting new personalities and exclusive networking opportunities. The sheer dynamism and diversity of workers means that co-working spaces never lose their buzz.

BIG spaces for small budgets

Community work spaces treat entrepreneurs and independent workers to a myriad of corporate luxuries, without the big business price tag. For those wanting to work in a professional and affordable environment, co-working is a savvy solution. Overheads are slashed, replaced with all-inclusive membership fees that include Wi-Fi, printing, electricity and more.

Looking to the future

So what’s next for the co-working craze? With an increasing number of companies starting to get on the bandwagon, collaborative working spaces could soon become an integral part of the office experience. Some will develop their very own in-house co-working spaces, while other will definitely begin to incorporate the option of working from home into office based contracts.

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