If your about page was a tinder profile, would you be single?

When you think about it, business is a lot like dating; you meet, you gel, you find out you’re both partial to the same weird stuff and then the magic happens. And if being in business is like playing the dating game, that makes the About page on your website your dating profile.

But what we want to know is this; if your About page was your Tinder profile, would you still be single and collecting cats like Doris three doors down?

Here’s how to nail it and leave them with a first impression so good that it not only guarantees they’ll swipe right, but also that they’ll fall head over heels for you and you’ll live a long, happy and prosperous life together. Get it really right and they might just recommend a friend too, but that’s a whole other conversation for another time and place…

Right, first up, here are some things your About page is not:

– A place to brag about how you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Nobody likes a Billy Bragger; modesty is the best policy and good business is about them, not you.

– A place to show off your awards. We get it, you’re cracking at what you do and you deserve to shout that from the rooftops, just not here. There’ll be time for that later.

– Somewhere to cram as many keywords into a sentence as physically possible, because you will rank highly on Google if it kills you, goddammit.

– A place to put that 90s corporate profile picture that could have come straight from your work ID card back in the day.

Your About page is a place to:

– Be yourself. Ain’t nobody got time to be catfished.

– Hit them with the four W’s – who you are, where you are, what you do and why you do it

– Tell them what you stand for and use real language to do it. Anyone who has ever pretended to play an instrument or speak another language to impress a love interest will vouch for the fact that getting caught fibbing just ain’t worth it…

– Tell them what you want them to do (oo-er). Whether it’s asking them to head over to client testimonials or leading them flirtatiously in the direction of your services page to find out more; take the lead.

– Show them your best angle. Blind dates are so 2010; nowadays people want to see who they’re getting involved with. The same goes for business, only replace the flirty headshot with an image that does what you do justice, like an artful shot of your workshop or a candid photo of you at work. We’re going for down to earth and approachable, not corporate and cringy.

And if you don’t have an About page? Well, it’s almost like you want to stay single and clientless for life. What are you playing at? Take the above advice, go forth and make sweet magic.

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