How to pimp your workspace for added inspiration

And so the first days of January roll around and we make a rousing return to our desks for the foreseeable future. And let’s be honest, unless you gave it all up to #livethedream as a digital nomad with a Bali beach as your base in 2019, your desk is more likely to be a stark space with more anxiety-promptings Post-Its competing for pride of place come 5pm than ice-cold piña coladas that scream work/life balance.

If sitting at a desk for hours go against every free-spirited bone in your body, the thought of getting back to the grind – and finding inspiration to get cracking on all those big 2019 projects forthwith – can feel like one of the worst feelings in the world. But worry not, because whether you work from home or have a regular spot in a coworking space like Helm, there are ways and means of lessening the pain. Here are some good ways to start:


The beauty of investing in some greenery to enhance your desk situation is two-fold. Not only will it brighten the place up, but plants also release oxygen into the air so you can think of it as your own personal dehumidifier too. Science is clever ain’t it? A cactus is a good shout if you tend to sway towards the lazier side of things and struggle to keep much except yourself alive.


Oh the unmatched joy of slipping a pair of noise-cancelling headphones on your noggin and zoning out from a world of distractions. You’d be amazed how much difference music can make to your day and to getting you in your creative groove again, regardless of whether you’re a raging rock fan or a Classic FM kinda guy.


It started with our back-to-school pencil cases way back when and we’re not about to deny the absolute joy of new stationary now. Don’t stop at those pens that write really nicely though; we’re talking fancy pen holders, a swish magazine rack for that stack of old issues you’ve been hoarding for inspiration, a nice new mug to make your obligatory 8am coffee even more appealing than ever, the sky’s the limit.


Sometimes all you need is a swift reminder of what it is you’re working for to give you a kick up the rear end and get those creative juices flowing again. Instabox is one of the niftiest gadgets we’ve seen for this very purpose. Remember those digital photo frames that played a reel of your snaps? Well, Instabox works on the same concept, only it streams straight from your Instagram. And we all know Instagram only shows the best bits of our lives; if a perfect snapshot of your most fun travels and memorable moments with the family isn’t enough to stimulate some inspiration and remind you why you’re at that desk in the first place, we don’t know what it.

Home office still feeling uninspiring regardless of all the above? Speak to Helm about our coworking space in Doncaster and inject some inspiration into your 2019.

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