How to manage like a human

So you want to be the boss. Or maybe you already are the boss. Whichever it is, the minute you start managing people, there is but one power trip standing between a working relationship based on either shared success or side eyes. Here are ten of our favourite no BS management tips for those days when you need a reminder that we’re all in this together. Because, sometimes, we could all be a bit more human in business.

1. Your tone can set the tone for the whole day of your team. Be positive.

2. Mind your p’s and q’s. Remember what your Momma taught you about being polite; just because you’re the boss, doesn’t mean you can leave your manners at the door. Say ‘thank you’ and they’ll thank you with more productivity, research shows.

3. Suck it up and admit if you messed up. It’s hard to respect the guy who thinks he can do no wrong. Be more human and hold your hands up next time things go to pot.

4. Talk less than you listen. And when you’re listening, do it right; eye contact, laptop close, phone down.

5. Encourage side hustles. More of us than ever have got them. They show ambition and a determination to grow. And who knows when you might need Kate in accounts to flex those InDesign skills she runs as a side gig.

6. Shout about your team’s wins, both to their face (not in, you understand) and to the powers that be higher along the food chain. We’re not talking shoddy glass awards and print-at-home certificates here, but a ‘mate, that is awesome, well done’ doesn’t go amiss.

7. Think less ‘managing’, more coaching if you want to nurture a team that’s in it for the long haul.

8. Ask for feedback on the regular…on yourself. Have you had everything you need from me this week? Is there anything you feel I could do better? It feels awkward as hell at first, but soon enough they’ll start doing it without prompts. Two-way communication, is that you?

9. Be bespoke in your approach. Some people like to be left to it, others prefer more assistance. Adapt and develop accordingly.

10. Make your employee’s career as much of a priority as your own. Ain’t nobody invested in doing their best work if they’re feeling stagnant AF. Find out their goals, even beyond working for you, and help them get there. Their progress is your progress.

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