How to Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

Contemporary Brits are slaving away at the office harder than ever, with the latest statistics from the ONS revealing that full time UK employees rack up a huge 42.7 hours a week. This is significantly more than the 37.4 hour average recorded across the EU. While nurturing careers and bringing in the bread are both important, it’s also critical for Brits not to ignore the magnitude of creating a healthy work/life balance. Without equilibrium, workers run the risk of encountering both physical and mental health issues.

So how can you master the art of a work/life balance that actively improves the way you experience your existence? Check out our guide…

Join the work from home revolution

Step up and take control of your life by making the switch to a work from home arrangement. Research has shown that this works wonders for reducing stress levels. It’s also important to note that the word ‘home’ doesn’t necessarily have to be taken literally. Today, legions of ‘home’ workers are opting to base themselves in collaborative work spaces that offer a sense of community and creativity.

Set boundaries

It can be all too easy for insanely busy workers to continue tasks well after office hours are over. When done on a regular basis this can have a dire effect on social and family life. Avoid overworking yourself by setting clear cut boundaries that define when you should and shouldn’t be slogging it out.

Boost your productivity

Often, people find themselves putting in more hours simply because they lack productivity. By boosting productivity workers will be able to get work done faster, and thus enjoy more time for themselves. There are a plethora of productivity boosting digital tools out there, as well as plenty of online write ups on how to work smarter and faster.

Unplug from technology

Sure, it’s all very well to claim that when you’re not in ‘work mode’ you’re not working. However with technology now an integral part of everyday life, it’s almost impossible for contemporary workers to disconnect entirely. When you’re enjoying play time make the effort to switch off your mobile phone, avoid checking emails and leave work calls unanswered.

Sweat it out

Nourish your body and your mind by working up a sweat, no matter how jam packed your schedule. Studies continuously show that exercise is an effective stress buster that helps to lift the mood and lull the body into a meditative state.

Ready to transform your life for the better? Incorporate these simple steps into your life and we guarantee that you’ll start to enjoy a healthier work/play balance almost instantaneously.

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