Get out your toys and do business like a kid

Remember when all we wanted to do was become adults? Let’s all laugh together.

Back when we were kids, our biggest worry was whether getting your next Puffin badge at swimming meant mum would let you have a Happy Meal at the weekend. Being a kid is fun, the world is your oyster but you don’t even know it, because you’re too busy doing whatever the hell you want without a single thought of the repercussions. Which got us thinking; what if you could harness the carefree creativity of being a kid and use it to change the way you do business?

Our natural creativity is unbridled and nobody proves it better than children. As kids, we make swords from sticks and space ships from cardboard boxes. We’re playful, experimental, unafraid and the worry of being told ‘no’ only goes some way to discourage us. Without the fear of failure that creeps in once we’ve outgrown our Clarks and started sprouting those first few chest hairs, our creativity runs wild. Here are some of our favourite ways to embrace it and do business like a kid.

Go on days out

Nothing but nothing is as exciting as a day out when you’re a kid, especially if it’s a school trip. That’s next level excitement right there. Bring the same ethos to your business, embracing away days that get you away from your desk and spark your sense of adventure.

Break the rules

Much of Richard Branson’s success sits in the way he does business differently. Instead of doing the same as others, but doing it better, the Virgin brand has become famous for breaking the rules. Approach new business ideas like kids do; with unbridled excitement and without fear.

Bring the toy box to the boardroom

Boardroom = boredom. There’s something about a boardroom environment that divides; some people will wilt under pressure and find their ideas under-represented as a result, while others will flourish and command the meeting room. Create an even playing field by creating new ways to lighten the mood and encourage more creativity in meetings, whether that means encouraging doodling during brainstorming or taking problem solving outside – school sports day style – you’ll be amazed how well ideas flow in a less serious setting.

Make time to play

As a kid, whole days are dedicated to having fun. When you’re an adult, having a kickabout or getting the Xbox out is seen as wasting time that could be spent doing something ‘more worthwhile’. Give yourself permission to channel your inner child every now and again. We’re fond of breaking up the day with a game of table tennis here at Helm, although we can’t promise the language is as PG as it was back in the day.

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