Coworking is worth every penny; here’s why

Alright, we admit it, we’re biased when we say that coworking is worth every penny. But it’s a claim we’ll stand by and shout about until the cows come home and it ain’t nothing to do with the moolah.

The uninitiated might know Helm as a shared office space in Doncaster, but anyone who has ever made it through the doors of our little corner of Woodfield Park is well aware that there’s more to us than that. We’re a crew, a community of like-minded individuals working towards the greater good and even greater goals, changing the way the world says we have to work along the way. Some of us prefer to knuckle down in a morning, others crack on into the wee hours, but we’re all here to put in the work in a place that isn’t a stuffy corporate office and isn’t a laptop on our knee at home.

Here are five reasons why we think you should join us, but don’t just take our word for it; call in next time you’re passing – we’ll put the kettle on.

Increased productivity

It isn’t all table tennis and beers on a Friday; Helm is a serious hive of productivity. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but that doesn’t mean we don’t put in the work. If the headphones are in, do not disturb. We’re motivators and encouragers, without the politics, formalities and distractions that a traditional office tends to bring.

A sense of community

Being a freelancer or small business can be tough without a sense of community. It’s what most people miss when they leave traditional office life behind to go it alone. At coworking spaces like Helm you can work by yourself without being alone. It’s the sweet spot.

New connections

The beauty of having so many creatives and business owners in one place is that with a sense of community comes new connections, and from those connections often comes new clients. Much of the work our Helm community does goes hand-in-hand, so you never know who might be sitting at the side of you, who they might know and what they might need.

More flexibility

Renting and running an office ain’t cheap, especially for a fledgling freelancer. Coworking brings the benefits, like a meeting room, WiFi, desk space and mailing address, without the commitment and expense of an office lease. Win, win.

Someone else to get the brews in

If you have ever experienced the soul-destroying caffeine crash that comes with working from home, where you and you alone have responsibility for putting the kettle on, you’ll appreciate the real worth of a community of coffee fiends and Yorkshire Tea fanatics.

Helm Free Fridays

Want to learn more? Head down to Helm on a Friday for Helm Free Fridays. Full use of the space with meeting rooms, people and coffee. Come see what we're all about.