Boost your energy for the business year ahead

2019 is officially here and you are raring to go. Or at least, your head is. Your heart is in it too. But your body? After a solid month of beers with old mates back home, family feasts and enough Christmas market bratwursts to sink a decent-sized ship, chances are that the body is a whole other matter entirely.

When the clock strikes midnight, it brings with it a world of hope and expectation for the year ahead. And rightly so; 2019 is a clean slate, the first page of a 365-page diary in which any and every day could bring something amazing for your business. But those first few days ain’t easy. The New Year’s Eve hangovers hit hard and our jeans are tighter than that mate we all have who always manages to skip getting his round in on a night out. We need an energy boost that’ll give us the get up and go we need to bring all our big and bold plans for the year ahead into fruition and a Berocca isn’t going to cut it. Our advice? Start small, go back to basics and start 2019 with some tender loving care. Both your body and your business will thank you for it.


Sleep tends to be the first thing to suffer when business owners are feeling the pressure in the run up to Christmas and, likewise, when we go in all guns blazing come the New Year. Most of us are skipping out on getting enough shut-eye, with the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep we need each night proving but a dream. Make 2019 the year you make sleep a priority and you’ll reap the rewards in terms of having more energy to do all the things on your to-do list. Still think sleep is a waste of your precious time? Read Why We Sleep by neuroscientist Matthew Walker and prepare to have your eyes opened with some pretty startling facts on the effects too little sleep can have on your body.


You’re wheeling triumphantly into 2019 in a blaze of glory akin to Joey and Chandler sliding into the Friends apartment on that big white dog; the last thing you need right now is to starve your body of the nutrients it needs to deliver on those high expectations. We’re all for a New Year’s detox but nobody ever felt ready to seize the day on a diet of cabbage soup. Instead, fill your fridge with vegetables and replace the Quality Streets with quality ingredients in fresh, home-cooked meals full of good fats to get your brain going. And that biscuit that gets you past the 3pm slump but costs you a hundred calories? Bloody enjoy it! This is about doing whatever it takes to give you the energy to smash your goals and if that means a cheeky treat to get you through, so be it.


There’s something about Christmas that unleashes our inner sloth. The sofa becomes our closest confidante, the TV ever-flowing with films we haven’t seen for years and darts championships that stretch out for hours ahead and make for entire evenings spent transfixed. So the thought of actually moving, of taking those tentative steps back into the gym or of lacing up your running shoes for the first time since about November is unsurprisingly terrifying. But alas, you know in your heart of hearts that your non-existent energy isn’t helped by a severe lack of movement, so start small with a walk and build up to getting back to business, all in the name of getting business booming.

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