Are Co-working Spaces Worth it? A Year of Helm

With Helm’s first birthday fast upon us, we decided to dive in and ask whether co-working spaces are really worth all the hype?

The short answer is; yes. A huge resounding YES.

There are many benefits to co-working but we’ve chosen a few of the most important.

Creating new opportunities

If you’re stuck working from home, you could miss out on a wealth of opportunities found with co-working. Networking, referrals and collaborations happen all the time. We’ve even seen members working together to create side projects and new businesses – when the ideas are flowing these things are bound to happen.

Ashley (The Blog Writers) has certainly found this with Helm:

Since walking in on my first day people have introduced themselves, given me advice (which is already shaping my business), suggested people that might need my services and made me a cup of tea. I feel part of something truly special and happy that my business finally has a real base.

At Helm we’re always trying to create leads and opportunities for our members. We often come together (agency style) to work on projects using our specific skills. This has established a collective power, which would be very difficult for a startup business to create alone.

Helm’s founder (Liam Swift) sums up the ethos of Helm perfectly:

Creating Helm has been an incredible journey and I’m really excited to see the opportunities being created. New businesses are being created and members are helping each other realise they can do it (whatever “it” is) –  exactly what Helm was created for.”

Working in a productive environment

Working from home is often seen as a way of living the dream, but in reality it can leave many entrepreneurs unproductive and lacking focus.

A co-working space offers structure and a way to get into the work mindset – which many people struggle with at home. Especially if they’re surrounded by family who they want to spend time with.

Being around others putting in the hours works wonders for your own productivity, and the 24/7 culture of co-working is ideal for entrepreneurs with different working patterns as they’re not tied to restrictive office hours.

An inspiring work environment also helps. Liam (Bodhi Communications) describes what makes Helm such a stand out place to be:

The whole place is an experience and not just an office. The moment you walk round the corner and see a large green field, the building surrounded by trees. You almost feel at peace when you arrive at the office rather than a town or city office building. You open the door and you’re greeted with large sofas and open space in a building, bright colours – just such a calm feel everywhere you look.”

Being part of an entrepreneurial community

With most startups opting to stay at home to keep costs low, setting up a business can be a lonely experience.

Co-working is the ideal solution for those who feel a bit isolated. When you co-work you become part of a community of other like minded people, whose support can be valuable in moving your business forward.

Paul (Unbloq) talks about the difference co-working had made for his business:

We needed somewhere to put our Macs, pot plants and sketch pads (oh and do some work) and we found that in HELM. To say it’s ‘just’ a co-working space is selling it short, it’s much more than that, it’s a REAL hive of creativity and a showcase of how businesses in a connected world can succeed. Ideas get supported in a way that we have not seen for a very long time.”

Helm encourages members to get to know each other and offer advice and support right from your first day. Rachael (Scaffold Coaching) has been at Helm for 6 months and sings the praises of collaborative working:

Being able to come into an office environment where other people have literally been there done that is a massive source of support..The biggest thing Helm has helped me with is just having people to bounce ideas and share your experience with.”

Have we convinced you that co-working at Helm is the way to go? If you’d like to come and see what we’re all about for yourself, come along to our first birthday party on the 6th May. You can book here. There’ll be business masterclasses, pizza, beer and lots of other great stuff going on.

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