3 ways to give your business a mid-year boost

God only knows how it happened but we blinked and now we’re officially halfway through the year. July means a lot of things. It means barbecues and beers. It means t-shirt tans and hosepipe bans. And it means you’ve only got six months of the year left to make your business goals happen.

It’s time to sit back with a brew and take stock of the year so far. How’s business been? What’s gone well and what’s tanked spectacularly?

Next, open the Hob Nobs, make another round and look ahead to the next six months. These are three of our favourite ways to give your business a mid-year boost.

Start saving for something

If you haven’t already, start saving for something. It doesn’t have to be a house or a car, that’s what the serious savings are for. We’re talking about squirrelling a small amount each month for something your really want. It might be a holiday in January or an eye-wateringly expensive handbag in the Boxing Day sales. Whatever it is, it needs to have the power to motivate you to work your ass off for the last six months of the year.

That said, if money worries have been keeping you awake for some of the last six months, it might be that you have to rethink your approach to getting spendy going forward. It’s all well and good saving for something you really want but having money in the bank to cover you for quiet times is much more important if you’re still finding your feet.

Switch up your routine

So many of the self-employed set out to shake up the traditional 9 to 5, only to find themselves keeping the same old office hours they were trying to shake from the start. Look at the last six months; when have you worked best? Do you smash through tasks in the morning and flag after lunch? Is a Saturday morning at the local coffee shop actually your most productive and enjoyable part of the working week? Take stock and switch up your routine accordingly for the next few months. You’ll be amazed how easily that work/life balance improves.

Share your wins

There’s a good chance that the last six months have been crammed with awesome work for awesome clients, so shout about it. Every business worth its salt has an email newsletter these days and if yours doesn’t, you’re missing a trick. There are few more successful ways to shout your successes from the rooftops and pique the interest of potential new clients, especially those who have interacted with you in the past but never quite sealed the deal. Just don’t forget to go down the right routes on the GDPR front when it comes to who you can contact and who you can’t. Ain’t nobody got the time or funds to be fighting those fines…

Last but not least, come and see us at Helm. Our monthly creative meet ups and breakthrough workshops are a place of endless inspiration for anyone who runs a business. We’re big on accountability too, so hit us up and let’s share our ideas and goals for the last half of the year.

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