3 steps to a GSD Monday after a heavy weekend

GSD. For the benefit of the uninitiated, these three little letters stack up to one of our favourite sayings here at Helm. GSD means (cover your ears mum) ‘Get Sh*t Done’ and if you’ve joined us for a GSD Monday, you’ll know that it’s a go hard or go home approach to bringing in a new working week like a boss. But doing it after a heavy weekend? Now that’s an altogether different matter. If tequila still flows through your veins after a knees up or a jaunt to a Christmas market on the continent has left you left you full of Belgian beers and waffles but low on motivation, a GSD Monday can still get the week off to a cracking start. It just takes a bit more work to get the wind back in your sails.


You’re tired and bloated, with more booze in your body than blood (probably) and with an impending sense of doom that can only mean tomorrow is Monday. The thought of doing much more than channelling your inner sloth with a Dominos order bigger than your overdraft is probably unbearable right now but an hour of prep will save you a world of pain tomorrow morning. First up, get a bath you dirty dog. Use the good bath stuff and sweat out your sins. Now get your work stuff ready, clothes ironed and bags packed if you’re heading out; don’t worry about lunch, we’ll get round to that in a bit. All done? Now in the words of the great and mighty Liam Gallagher “as you were” – your work here is done, resume your position on the sofa.


It might have been touch and go at times but you’ve made it to the office or kitchen table or wherever else you work your magic of a weekday. You are winning. Now, step away from your emails. Before you so much as hover your mouse over ‘Reply’ you’re going to make a list. Love em or hate em, lists are a fast-track to clearing a cluttered mind which is just what you need when a heavy weekend has left you hazy. Write down your tasks for the day, cutting yourself some slack if you can afford to leave the more complicated projects on your to-do list until tomorrow, and just adopt a needs must approach to getting sh*t done. No whining, no waiting, just getting on with it so you can get the hell out of the office.


You’d think if a hangover taught us anything, it’d be to stop drinking. But alas hangovers are like childbirth, you forget the pain once it’s over, and so rolls around another hazy Monday morning. However, one thing a good 15 years of hangovers hasn’t failed to teach us is that this ain’t the time for a salad. People will tell you to get some goodness back into you with a green juice or a pile of veg bigger than your Saturday night regrets but don’t listen to them; a hungover Monday is a time to eat with abandon, so bring Fat Friday forward and meet us at McDonalds, cook a behemoth bowl of pasta and don’t even think about choosing carrot sticks over crisps in your meal deal.

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