14 ways to spend 1% of your day like it matters

1% of your day is precisely 14 minutes and 24 seconds; that old ‘I haven’t got time’ excuse sounds like a long shot now, doesn’t it?

In 14 minutes or thereabout, you can watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller video (full-length version, obvs). You can boil an ostrich egg – and probably butter some soldiers to have with it – and you can double the average time of 7 minutes that we apparently spend thinking about exercising each day, whilst not actually doing it.

Or, you can spend 1% of your day, everyday, doing something that might just make life better in the long run. Making the most of 1% of the day, each and every day, could be the difference between becoming fluent in French, clearing your clutter or your mind, or just losing a couple of lbs ahead of cracking open the Celebrations this Christmas. Here are 14 ways to spend those 14 minutes and 24 seconds like it matters.

Organise your finances

Being good with money is sexy AF. And that spreadsheet has got game-changer written all over it.

Learn a language

Because although most of us are, none of us really want to be the embarrassed Brits who never learnt a language…

Watch the sun rise or set

Sunrises and sunsets are good for the soul. Go somewhere, see one, soak up the warm and fuzzy feeling.

Talk to your partner

No TV, no phones, no distractions, just good old chat like they did in the olden days.


In a morning or before bed, in bed even, if you fancy. Stick some yoga on YouTube or freestyle.

Play with the kids

We’re talking that messy, hyperactive, screaming with delight, belly-laughing kind of play.

Move your body

Walk, run, do handstands, swing a kettlebell, skip, squat, skateboard; do literally anything that means moving your body. We’re not designed to sit still.


Join a beach clean, help feed the homeless, have a cuppa with the elderly. Do something totally selfless.

Meal prep

We know it’s boring but that feeling when you’ve trimmed down and saved some cash isn’t.

Clear your clutter

Tidy house, tidy mind, plus some spare cash in the bank to boot.

Learn a new skill

Spend 14 minutes and 24 seconds learning to code, play the guitar, use Photoshop, take amazing photographs, sew; learn whatever you think you’ve not got time to learn.

Watch David Attenborough

Because there’s no excuse for not knowing what’s happening on our planet. And because he’s a legend.

Do a good deed

Shout the guy behind you in the Costa queue his coffee. Bonus points if he’s looking hella stressed this morning.

Listen to a podcast

Ross Cooney MYP is one of our own here at Helm and his podcast, The 1% Daily Show, lasts – would you believe it – 14 minutes and 24 seconds exactly. It’s all about making the most of at least 1% of your day, every day. Get on it friends.

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