10 no bs time management tips

Is there such a thing as too many time management tips? We think not. But we all know that we should get up earlier and turn our phones off. We know that Trello can make us more organised and that meal-prepping saves us smashing a Tesco meal deal at our desk because that’s all we have time for between jobs. So here are some no-BS time management tips that you probably haven’t already heard, because there are only so many times we can try and convince you that getting up at 5am is the making of a master.

Plan six hours of work per day, tops. The rest of the time will fill itself up and you’ll avoid that feeling of failure anyone who never quite reaches the end of their to-do list knows oh so well.

Go all-out when you’re in the zone. Chill when you’re not. It’s the beauty of being self-employed – why force it?

Keep that side hustle. Research shows we’re at our most productive with a time limit. More time doesn’t always mean more work. Stay hustlin’ the hours you can hustle.

Don’t eat the frog first. Controversial, we know. But sometimes we all need a little one to ease us in.

Doing is better than perfect. You’ll probably never be perfect, neither will we. But you’ll be a hell of a lot closer if you just do the damn thing.

Group meetings together. If you don’t they’ll break up your day and your concentration. Keep em close and plough through the lot.

Pomodoro, procrastinate, repeat = productivity master.

Prioritise your to-do list and know the one thing you absolutely need to get done during the day. If you only do one thing between slacking off, make it that.

Break your day into hourly increments and recreate that school timetable we all loved to hate. Put lunch in their, gym time, showers, dog walks, the whole shebang. And stick to it like it’s gospel. Have the discipline to do that and you’ll be unstoppable my friend.

Write down your distractions. No, you don’t need to read that thing on Twitter right now or start researching that awesome new idea immediately. Write it down and get on with what you’re doing.

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